California Sanctuary Offers People a Zoom Call with Llamas at their Next Meeting

Jake Hartman
By Jake Hartman | April 28th, 2021 06:05pm
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Llama, llama don’t you want ta, want ta?

Imagine waking up for work and hopping onto your zoom call only to be facing a llama on the other end of the call?

Seem too fictitious for you? Well, don’t doubt it because it can happen.

A sanctuary farm in California presents the opportunity for people to invite a llama to make a cameo appearance at a Zoom meeting.

Sweet Farm, located in Half Moon Bay, launched it’s impressive “Goat 2 Meeting” campaign last month featuring these furry animals.

The idea is to provide some lighthearted cheer during the coronavirus pandemic while still raising awareness of negative outcomes from industrialized farming.

People wishing to participate in this special zoom call are able to invite a llama, cow, goat, or any other farm animal they please onto their video call.

Sweet Farm has already undergone more than 100 calls with farm animals and has received more than 500 requests.


They’re booked until June, so you better hurry and book here if you’re interested.

Prices are set at $65 for a 20-minute appearance call with up to six people.

The price goes up to $100 for an animal to appear in a 10-minute corporate call with unlimited people, and the price caps at $750 for a VIP virtual tour of Sweet Farm.

All proceeds go towards the sanctuary efforts to rescue farm animals and educate others about the dangers of industrialized farming.

 “After the coronavirus happened and shelter in place went into effect, we had to completely rethink the way we were driving revenue and executing our mission,” stated Nate Salpeter the Co-Founder of Sweet Farm.

One board member, Jon Azoff, came up with the llama idea mentioning how he thought all the company meetings and happy hours they were having were boring. He then suggested getting a goat or llama on the call.

Animal Zoom calls will lift people’s spirits, states Salpeter- animals are “totally unscripted.”

Having these calls are actually teaching people a serious lesson, he continued.

The news is covered with stuff about the coronavirus and swine flu that comes from the way people treat animals. “We’ve been working for years and years to show people that this is a byproduct of the way we treat them.”